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There has been an idea being passed around that goes something like this.

A: The value of a company’s stock is supposed to reflect the value of a company.
B: GameStop’s stocks have surged to a level that definitely does NOT reflect the company’s value.
C: Therefore, we can plainly see that the stock market has always been a game and a farce, and we can just now honestly see it.

This is an entirely fallacious take on what the stock market is, what it…

US Healthcare Workers planting a flag.
US Healthcare Workers planting a flag.
Healthcare Workers on the Modern Battlefield

The mass disruption caused by COVID-19 is an incredible opportunity to change for the better. Thoughts on clinical trials post COVID.

On May 20, 2020, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released an analysis of the rates of different aspects of COVID-19 based on four scenarios. This analysis then synthesized these four scenarios into a fifth scenario, dubbed the “Best Estimate” scenario.

Human Subjects Protection — a collective term for the federal, state, and university policies, procedures, and ethical considerations that protect the rights and welfare of human beings who participate in research — is the cornerstone of…

Ian Terry

Genuine curiosity and a real desire to improve the world drive me to search for solutions to large social and technological problems.

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